Radiation Protection for Children and Pregnancy

As multiple nuclear reactors in Fukushima exhaust their particles into the ocean and atmosphere, certain species and categories of life prove their greater or lesser cellular vulnerability. Radiation affects cells that are in vulnerable phases of their life cycles.

Radiation in Food Update

Here's what's here in northern California via the Berkeley Nuclear Physics Lab Air and Water Sampling. In my opinion, do not drink or consume dairy products (cow milk, cheese) from dairies on the West Coast.

Radiation: What to do NOW

The unfolding events relating to Japan's damaged nuclear reactors is raising the concern in the U.S. of a worst-case scenario of multiple meltdowns with a consequent cloud of radioactive particles following the jet stream over to the U.S.

Here's the Quick List

ALERT FOR THIS WEEKEND: The Fukushima #3 Reactor is now leaking the most deadly isotope mix ever known: Plutonium/Uranium (MOX). If you are one of my patients, please call and have us immediately ship you our SeaWeed Concentrate and our new Anitoxidant Combination, and dont forget the Bicarbonate salts.

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