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Darkfield Microscopy

Darkfield Microscopy is an important holistic diagnostic instrument used in my practice. It gives information about the terrain, e.g. hyperacidity, lack of energy and dynamics and the functionality of blood cells.

Cancer, Radiation and Life Trauma

Geiger Readings taken from several locations in California show a 25% increase in average counts per minute in the past 2 months.  My Geiger readings show from July/August of 35 CPM to 45 CPM, correlated with several sites throughout California.

Darkfield Realtime Hematology

When I was doing my undergraduate work at UC Davis, I spent much of my time in the medical school doing Neurosurgical stroke research. Our team discovered if you administer large doses of barbiturates to the patient just after a stroke, less brain tissue dies.

Daily Geiger Gauge for Northern California

Radiation for October 9th, 2011 is up in the last month (non-containment). What is going on? Children around Fukushima now being tested for Thyroid cancer:  Results will be kept SECRET!  Great place we live in, isn't it?

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