Thank you Dr. Dan for your help with Syreeta. Her life was extended and you brought alot of light into her last year of life. Thank you for helping me and my family.
Thank you Dr. Dan for your help with finding the source of my problems, - it took my dentist one year to discover what you did in 20 minutes. Thank you for helping my twins, as well.
I wasn't getting answers from my family doctor. I was completely fatigued, my hormones were off, my brain was in a fog. If it weren't for Dr. Dan's program, my health would be seriously compromised. Dr. Dan has helped me through every health challenge that Western medicine was unable to solve.
I am a breast cancer patient in remission, thanks to surgery and Dr. Dan Beilin's program. Since seeing Dr. Dan, I am now more centered, strong and clearthinking. Dr. Dan gave me the missing piece to the puzzle to overcoming my disease, and I have blood tests and PET scans to prove it.
My daughter was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. We had tried normal drug therapy, but it all made her worse, and the colitis returned after some medications were completed. She was up half the nights screaming in pain. She was getting worse. Then she was scheduled for surgery, to remove the area of intestine that was most infected.

After one month with Dr. Dan's program, the colitis is gone. My daughter has a new life. She is completely off all pharmaceuticals and leads a normal happy life. The program was easy and modified for her age. I have recommended Dr. Dan to at least 40 people so far. Thank you Dr. Dan.
I was a victim of 911, having inhaled chemical particles too complex to understand. I wasn't getting help from my other Naturopaths or Physicians. I had chronic fatigue, mental fogginess and depression. With Dr. Dan's knowledge, educational sharing and holistic treatment program, I became reempowered to take control of my life, ask questions that matter to my physician, and return to real health. Thank you Dr. Dan.

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