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How I received a passport to my own health.

Over a year ago, I discovered a lump in my breast. It was around 1 inch by 1 ½ inches and was moveable. I was not too concerned, but I went in for a mammogram and the lump appeared suspicious. I followed through with a biopsy, which turned out to be positive for breast cancer. I was bordering on panic, but when I went to the oncologist, she advised me to simply go onto a form of mild chemotherapy using hormone-blocking drugs. I then decided that there must be reasons why I would get the cancer – after all, I was on a ‘paleo’ diet for 2 years, exercised regularly, ate no sweets or alcohol, and felt I was in great shape. How could this happen?

Darkfield Microscopy

Darkfield Microscopy is an important holistic diagnostic instrument used in my practice. It gives information about the terrain, e.g. hyperacidity, lack of energy and dynamics and the functionality of blood cells.

Darkfield Realtime Hematology

When I was doing my undergraduate work at UC Davis, I spent much of my time in the medical school doing Neurosurgical stroke research. Our team discovered if you administer large doses of barbiturates to the patient just after a stroke, less brain tissue dies.

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