Darkfield Microscopy

Darkfield Microscopy

Darkfield Microscopy is an important holistic diagnostic instrument used in my practice. It gives information about the terrain, e.g. hyperacidity, lack of energy and dynamics and the functionality of blood cells.

Prof. Dr. G. Enderlein of Germany (1872-1968) observed in darkfield microscopic examination of blood the tiniest moving particles, which seemed to be primitive forms of either bacteria or fungi. Though this may be disproved by modern test methods, the health of a patient appears to correspond directly with the thickness and behavior of these particles not otherwise observed by normal hematology smears. My teachers were 5 of Enderlein's students. I then taught over 250 physicians this method. At first I attempted to research at the University what I was seeing. These so-called Endobiont changes have something to do with the hydrogen-ion concentration (pH) as well as the pressure of Oxygen (Redox) of the blood. Also toxins such as with heavy metals (e.g. mercury) and viral conditions can be observed. Further diagnoses of intoxication can be made through special laboratory examination of urine. These tests are new and scientifically viable.

Darkfield microscopy and other diagnostic methods, all available in my practice, lead to a holistic diagnosis but diagnosis alone cannot heal.darkfield 1

Although I use several different therapeutic approaches some of them are based on Isotherapy as discovered and documented by Dr. G. Enderlein.

Remedies corresponding to this approach are manufactured and marketed by the firm SANUM®.

Isotherapy has as its' basis that certain organisms (e.g. bacteria) in the blood can be developed in retrograde i.e. that they can be changed back into non pathogenic primitive forms.

Other therapeutic approaches used in my practice and emanating from the darfkield microscopic examination include immune-biological treatments and antitoxin remedies whereby even chronic diseases may be healed. Blood under darkfield microscopic examination which is moderately to strongly infested (source: Blood examination in darkfield, Semmelweis Verlag 1993 ISBN 3-925524-01-0) The examination is easy and painless. For the examination we need only a drop of blood from the fingertip or the ear. Observation of the blood sample in the darkfield microscope gives information within 15 min. after hours or even days we find further information regarding the condition of the immune system, cellular resistance and the disposition towards the growing or regeneration of possible tumors.

Cancer, for example, cannot be seen but the weakness of the immune system or the degeneration of the blood cells can be made visible which is invaluable in early treatment.

Every patient deserves careful diagnosis and individual treatment. The above information is only meant to show the diagnostic possibilities available through the use of Darkfield Microscopy and not to be exclusive of other approaches used in my practice. - Dr. Beilin

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