The True & Revealing Case of a Dr. Beilin Patient

How I received a passport to my own health.

Over a year ago, I discovered a lump in my breast. It was around 1 inch by 1 ½ inches and was moveable. I was not too concerned, but I went in for a mammogram and the lump appeared suspicious. I followed through with a biopsy, which turned out to be positive for breast cancer. I was bordering on panic, but when I went to the oncologist, she advised me to simply go onto a form of mild chemotherapy using hormone-blocking drugs. I then decided that there must be reasons why I would get the cancer – after all, I was on a ‘paleo’ diet for 2 years, exercised regularly, ate no sweets or alcohol, and felt I was in great shape. How could this happen?

How would I know if the hormone-blocking agents were working? If the cause wasn’t known, - could I be cured? What if I got a mastectomy, would the cancer be totally gone? Most of my friends and relatives urged me to get more opinions, but my doctors seemed confident and I felt deep down that it wasn’t time to do radical procedures like chemotherapy or aggressive surgery.

After being on the hormone-suppressing drugs (tamoxifen) for a year, and my holistic doctor had not seen me for 6 months, I decided I needed his attention again. The lump was not going down, and, in fact, it seemed to have grown. I was told by several doctors not to worry, that it was the proper way to treat the tumor, but something inside of me wanted to take action.
After calling my holistic doctor, he referred me first to a fairly new test, called “Regulation Thermometry”. Similar to thermography that I had heard about from various web-based doctors and patients, Regulation Thermometry takes skin temperature readings but then takes a SECOND set of the same points and COMPARES the first with the second, after being exposed to a cool-air room (clothing on, then off to underwear). There are some 150 of these devices in 22 countries, and around 80 in the U.S. alone. Based on reproducible physiology, it can help lend a ‘picture’ of the various systems of the body (teeth, metabolism, inflammation) that can be at cause of many diseases and disorders.

It was a simple test, and best yet, it was painless, non-invasive, no radiation and cleared by the FDA for breast analysis and factors that can lead to cancer. Of course anything it finds has to be further clarified by conventional means like MRI or biopsy.
The nurse was very friendly and explained everything to me. I couldn’t have coffee or hot drinks that morning, and exercise was forbidden on that morning before the test (the test involves the involuntary nervous system’s capacity to respond and close down the capillaries in the skin, and deviations from the known ‘ideal’ readings may reflect organ and organ system failure or strain.

I was reminded of when I watched a special on the internet about cancer, and how cancer can develop from changes in the chemistry of the whole body, and that it is often purely a problem in metabolism of the whole body as well as inflammatory events over a long period of time that can make a body vulnerable to cancer. So, to actually SEE my whole body and the dynamic quality of the organs that affect the tissue chemistry directly, - that seemed amazing to me in light of the evidence that cancer is not a single-organ disease. I was also reminded that the breast is a multiple-system organ; it has influences coming from the lymph system, the hormone system, the nervous system, not to mention that science has found a direct influence on breast cancer from plastics in the environment and our food that act as imitators of toxic estrogens that have a significant relationship to breast disease. So, whoever came up with the idea of looking at all body and organ systems from a ‘bird’s eye view” as well as seeing particular organ dynamics (physiology), - was genius.

In reading the literature before I took the test, learned that this method was developed in Europe some 40 years ago by a team of physicians and dentists. Dentists? Why dentists? Apparently, the teeth and jaw can harbor low-grade infections that go unnoticed until they become advanced, but can illicit an influence on whole-body health. These Europeans had taken maps from Chinese medicine (acupuncture) and added details to them that were created by their experiences with thousands of patients who had dental infections and organ dysfunctions that were related to each other. It is well-known that dental infections can influence heart function, and the Europeans had determined that only infections in CERTAIN teeth seem to promote heart disorders (back molars). I was reminded that I had a friend years ago who had congestive heart failure that improved after an infected tooth was removed, - and the improvement was OVERNIGHT! She couldn’t walk across a room and had to be carried in to the doctors office when he referred her to the dentist. After tooth extraction, she could go shopping all day! And she told me that many patients she knew at that clinic in Switzerland were improving only after removal of infected teeth. Well, this made me think, - if seemingly distant organs can have problems such as infections, and cause problems in other regions such as breast cancer, - a device or method has to be discovered that can see the body as a combination of systems that work harmoniously – not unlike how my acupuncturist sees the body, treating points on my legs to get my digestion better, or my yoga teacher tells me that by breathing in certain ways I can have improvements in my sleep and energy previously blamed on my thyroid or adrenals.

Suddenly I had my “AHA” moment. Regulation Thermometry ( was the ticket for my empowerment to change my whole body and not just focus on the end-resulting tumor. I knew that if only the tumor was removed, the factors that made me vulnerable would remain untouched. Now I had a possible window to take charge of my reversing the weaknesses and create a whole body of strength. If my systems were working to their optimum level, I predicted that even if I WERE subjected to toxic materials in food or the air, I would be able to compensate for that and detoxify properly.


I began my “systems-approach” journey at a nearby doctor’s office, - he is an acupuncturist, oriental medicine physician and has been doing Regulation Thermometry for over 16 years. I figured he has enough experience and since he comes from the whole-body orientation paradigm, he would be the perfect one to let me know how to approach my disease from a truly holistic approach.

I was instructed to have long sleeves and long pants on coming to the clinic, because the test needs you in a ‘warm’ state before it evaluates you in the ‘cooled’ state. An infrared sensing probe was taken around my body, barely touching my skin in 120 places on my head and torso. Since the infrared sensor itself does not touch the skin, the temperatures measured were consistant and very accurate. After the first set of points were measured, I stood for a 10-minute cool-down period, sort of causing a ‘stress’ for the body to now adjust to a new temperature. Depending on how each point behaves, whether it warms, cools or stays the same, is influenced by the connected organs and tissues in that spinal nerve region. In other words, as I remembered my chiropractor’s charts of how the autonomic (involuntary) nervous system connects our organs to our nervous system through the spinal nerves, the organs have particular projection zones on the skin above them, connected by the nerves that serve as a kind of ‘reflex’ from organ to skin (called the “spinal-reflex arc”).

So, after my 10-minute cooldown and my feeling I may be getting a little cold (even though the room was a normal temperature of 70-73 degrees), the second measurement was taken of the same points. The breast was evaluated based on 26 points on the breasts and another 90 points on the body. Soon I would have my ‘window’ on my own health that could prepare the pathway to complete health and not just address a secondary or tertiary problem.

The results came in the form of a chart. It looked like a bunch of lines going in different directions, and was explained to me as the ‘raw’ data chart, - that originally, the doctor would have to interpret the results himself, after studying in classrooms for a year or so. Here is what my thermogram looked like:


As you can see, only a scientifically-minded doctor could read it, and of course he needed to have a decent amount of experience to properly interpret it. But, as I learned at the same time, the doctor sends the data to a ‘server’ that has been built by the European experts in the field – and it allows for a most accurate interpretation of the many factors in the body that confirm problems REDUNDANTLY. That means that there are, in this system, multiple results that aid in confirming the true situation or have different degrees of certainty that can lead to my becoming totally empowered, because now I understand not only other organs that may be contributing to my problem, but HOW STRONG those influences are in the outcome of my final resulting problem. Now I will share for you how clear this result came and how it absolutely facilitated my pathway back to health.

On the first page of the AlfaVue Report (, all the possible patterns that were abnormal were listed, and graded into categories of concern. I was told to pay attention to the Severe and Moderate statements, and not the mild/minimal statements: 

report statements

In noting down possible causes to my situation, a repeating theme seemed to be that there was an immune weakness coupled with my lymph system that was indeed a systemic immune weakness possibly related to a virus. I did a little research and found that there is even research being conducted at Harvard’s Beth Israel Deaconess hospital in the relationship of Epstein-Barr Virus and breast cancer! ( Suddenly I began to remember several years ago I was laid up in bed for a month with swollen tonsils and told I had adult mononucleosis (due to Epstein-Barr Virus). Now I felt like I was on the warpath (even though healing should be thought of as not a battle, but as a release or letting-go of what is no longer needed by the emotions and body)!

Then, on the second page of the report, a color-map of the behavior of each region of the body was created – that meaning, I could easily place my vision on what needs to be cleared before I could hope to have a body that could not reproduce a cancer. I was, at the same time, deciding whether to go through with the mastectomy or not, since the tumor appeared to have increased in size. Again I was reminded that the tumor or breast removed would do little to change the chemistry or causes system-wide in my body, and as I have so many friends and relatives with cancer that spread to the rest of the body, I was given the gift of this test for a crucial reason.

Here is how I could actually SEE what was going wrong. The ideal is blue, the problemed areas are black. The arrow points to the warmer breast if it is significantly warmer, as this constitutes one of suspicion characteristics for breast disease – but in the Alfa System, many more data points must be abnormal since differences in breast temperatures can be caused by everything from hormone changes to breast size differences. This is where the Alfa system really accelerates past the other breast thermography camera techiques – you have to have many pointers to abnormalities, and this can only be understood by making all temperatures mathematically analyzed first, - and then computed to form an image. That is what this graphic image is – it is not a direct image like from a camera, but is colored according to the ideal vs. abnormal behaviors of 13 criteria, much more accurate than the camera method that only has 2 criteria (side difference, hot point). This diagram also shows there is a blocked signal that regulates the right axillary (armpit) region – and this could be making my right breast endangered in the future. Wow. What a relief to know what is happening physiologically BEFORE it causes real changes in cells that could lead to furtherance of the cancer!

regulation synthesisAnd on the right, the whole body is shown with the detail of the neck, with some yellow coloring that reflects that the points, instead of cooling like they should, get warmer! That is interpreted as an inflammation to the lymph. This must mean, as I was told and became more certain with, that there was a virus involved, possibly Epstein-Barr as suspected!

Looking once more at the breast itself, there are actually 2 darker regions, one is where my tumor is, at 2:00 as the clock goes, and a second suspicion in the 7:00 position! This was not seen by mammography, and in studying the subject of mammography, apparently up to 40% of breast tumors are NOT detected by mammograms! That is why MRI has been the new standard for accurate imaging of the breast. BUT, as I understand, there are many cases where only one tumor has been detected with imaging but after mastectomy, the pathologist finds a second tumor that was never seen! We surely need tools like the Alfa System to keep an “open window” to new ways of understanding the body, especially by way of the systems-view – one that is missing in the health system – the idea of specialization has its place, but surely the future lies with systemic physicians that have also studied interactivities and influences of organ systems on each other.


One of the most important organ systems I neglected for years and happened to house an infection, is the TEETH. In my Alfa Thermogram, one tooth that is associated with problems in the breast was projecting an abnormal signal to the nervous system that turned out to be infected. Here is what I saw on my thermogram:

teethI noticed that since my breast tumor was on my left, and I learned that dental problems usually occur on the same side as the tumor, the tooth most in question was my teeth number 21. The black with diagonal lines (see arrow) is, in fact, connected with the breast where I have my tumor. The clear coloration that is made shows that this particular tooth is behaving differently than its neighboring teeth, leading to suspicion for infection. I was then sent to the dentist who in fact did find an infection in that tooth. After a little more thought, I decided to have it extracted. In addition, the Alfa report also gave me additional information as to the key factors that created a stressed inner-environment that helped my pure empowerment to take direct action on the influences of disease. It showed that one criteria was key in my case: “Dental/Tooth possible”. I noted I had 7/13 criteria for suspicion, and even though I knew I had cancer, this helped to qualify the AlfaSight as a truly valid and qualified test of physiological dynamics. And then, not only could I see the confirmation of the systems gone wrong, but the DEGREE that these systems were abnormal, placing into my hands the complete picture of how I could now strategize with our without my doctors to focus on what needs to be done immediately! What a relief! 
breast suspicion dys severrity

I now know that my path to freedom involves the lymphatic system, the dental system (distant-related focal, above) and a “tumor conditions” marker called “physiological degeneration”. Which the FDA deems acceptable as long as another diagnostic system such as biopsy is utilized.

While I was in the midst of my journey, I met a woman who had had a mastectomy for a breast tumor developed from calcium deposits in her breast, called “differential carcinoma in-situ”. She was told after the mastectomy to only take Tamoxifen, and that she was now cancer-free, just to come in once a year for a mammogram of the opposite breast. But I thought, what if the tumor spread to her lungs or bone? They would be looking at the wrong place! How many women are out there who had tumors and they are not being monitored for any test that shows early warning signs like Alfa – and before they know it their doctors are profusely apologizing to them? There must be millions. I asked the Thermographer for Alfa, what is the most important test for cancer of the breast? He said there are new tests being developed that can show circulating cancer stem cells – and that should be performed once a year in any cancer patient, along with the AlfaSight 9000 thermometry test. We need the best of all worlds, and our doctors are not completely meeting our criteria for ultimate health! The system has to be fixed!!!

I’m on my way now, to get the tooth extracted, to get a mastectomy since the tumor has grown, and to focus on all factors that exist within my body as well as my diet and emotions on this very challenging journey. Thank you to Alfa’s AlfaSight 9000 Regulation Thermometry Workstation! I can take supplements that are harmless but help increase my white blood cell production, take proven helpers like Vitamin D, A, C and reduce inflammation with Turmeric, Bromelain and stay alkalized with greens, less sweets and fruit, and less meat (reducing your meat consumtion by 30% can change the environmental impact and climate imbalance!

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