Cancer: What Can Happen

My patient, JN was given a clean bill of health after receiving treatment at our clinic and then being referred to Paracelsus Hospital in St. Gallen Switzerland for hyperthermia, misteltoe injection therapy and hapten injection therapy.

She was diagnosed 2 years ago as having 3/4 positive micro calcifications in her right breast. While doing a thermographic scan I became concerned because the pattern of hyper-response to cooling of the body was evident in both breasts, not just one.

mistletoe chemotheraphy fortifyhealth dr danOn another visit the radiologist noted the X-Ray showed another micro calcification on the breast which was once thought to be clear. They recommended a total mastectomy. I recommended nothing. I called the surgeon, and she was quite frank in saying there was not an emergent rush to do the mastectomy, that Ductile Carcinoma is slow and has probably already been there for 6-8 years. My patient opted for Switzerland. But on returning her breasts became swollen twice their size. She had abscesses where the injections were done. Were the breasts cancerous? The surgeon called me asking what I thought she should do. I couldn't believe it, she asking the question to a complementary practitioner, I just said off the top of my head, "I guess you have to drain them and administer antibiotics". So she did, and the abscesses disappeared in about a month. 

complementary medicine fortifyhealth dr danSince then, she has had no recurrence, no microcalcification evidence (interesting), and has an unknown prognosis. It could be possible, Dr. Rau, chief physician in Switzerland told me, that the cancer regressed to an infection status and as long as the immune system was not suppressed, the patient should be healthy. Though we wait and see, this was a fantastic case for the demonstration of the European models of health and illness, that illness is a mapable progression toward death, and the best healers regress the disease back through previous conditions as the person heals.

In another case, my patient was unresponsive to any complementary medicine given for her squamous cell lung tumors on going to Switzerland. Dr. Rau discovered, though, that by mixing the mistletoe chemotherapy with a normal chemotherapy drug, 5-FU, the tumor reduced from 8 cm to 1 cm over the course of 2 weeks. We need all we can get. Chemotherapy is never the answer. Combination therapy has proven to be the best choice.

My suggestions if there is ever a question are:

  1. Get a good diagnosis.
    Go to the best physician you can find, the best. Get X-Rays, Mammography, anything to depict the information you will need in a precise manner.

  2. Get a complementary practitioner who understands Biological Medicine. 
    Biological Medicine uses stronger non-toxic agents such as metabolites of fungus or bacteria, newly discovered products such as Antioxidants, Thymus extracts, and Essential Fatty Acids. Remove heavy metals. Consider that root canals, if they fail, can create longterm infections. Clear the gut.

  3. If you decide to do orthodox care, minimal doses are frequently as effective as high doses. 
    Pulse their therapies with complementary ones, take immune boosting herbs between chemical medicines. Do not take any antibiotic for longer than 10 days except for unusual diseases, and make sure the antibiotic is the correct one for your particular infection. And the whole way, drink good STRUCTURED WATER.


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