U.C. Berkeley Nuclear Physics Brings us Up-To-Date

U.C. Berkeley Nuclear Physics Brings us Up-To-Date


We catch up with the UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Air Monitoring Station Results Log to see where things are and to bring us up to date.

3/19 (10:34am): Rain fall from 3/17-2pm to 3/18-12:15pm.

airmonitorPreliminary results show trace amounts of radioactive iodine (I131, I132), cesium (Cs137, Cs134), and tellurium (Te132) which are not naturally occurring elements and are assumed to originate from the Fukushima nuclear site.

In context, we also see Be-7 and Ra-226 which are naturally occurring isotopes that also show up normally in rain water.

Preliminary analysis show levels remain well below that which would cause health effects. We are currently awaiting better calibration of our detector system to publish amounts.