Darkfield Microscopy

darkfield_1Darkfield Microscopy is an important holistic diagnostic instrument used in my practice.

It gives information about the terrain, e.g. hyperacidity, lack of energy and dynamics and the functionality of blood cells.

Prof. Dr. G. Enderlein of Germany (1872-1968) observed in darkfield microscopic examination of blood the tiniest moving particles, which seemed to be primitive forms of either bacteria or fungi. Though this may be disproved by modern test methods, the health of a patient appears to correspond directly with the thickness and behavior of these particles not otherwise observed by normal hematology smears. My teachers were 5 of Enderlein's students. I then taught over 250 physicians this method. At first I attempted to research at the University what I was seeing. These so-called Endobiont changes have something to do with the hydrogen-ion concentration (pH) as well as the pressure of Oxygen (Redox) of the blood. Also toxins such as with heavy metals (e.g. mercury) and viral conditions can be observed. Further diagnoses of intoxication can be made through special laboratory examination of urine. These tests are new and scientifically viable.

Darkfield microscopy and other diagnostic methods, all available in my practice, lead to a holistic diagnosis but diagnosis alone cannot heal.

Although I use several different therapeutic approaches some of them are based on Isotherapy as discovered and documented by Dr. G. Enderlein.

Remedies corresponding to this approach are manufactured and marketed by the firm SANUM®.

Isotherapy has as its' basis that certain organisms (e.g. bacteria) in the blood can be developed in retrograde i.e. that they can be changed back into non pathogenic primitive forms.

Other therapeutic approaches used in my practice and emanating from the darfkield microscopic examination include immune-biological treatments and antitoxin remedies whereby even chronic diseases may be healed. Blood under darkfield microscopic examination which is moderately to strongly infested (source: Blood examination in darkfield, Semmelweis Verlag 1993 ISBN 3-925524-01-0) The examination is easy and painless. For the examination we need only a drop of blood from the fingertip or the ear. Observation of the blood sample in the darkfield microscope gives information within 15 min. after hours or even days we find further information regarding the condition of the immune system, cellular resistance and the disposition towards the growing or regeneration of possible tumors.

Cancer, for example, cannot be seen but the weakness of the immune system or the degeneration of the blood cells can be made visible which is invaluable in early treatment.

Every patient deserves careful diagnosis and individual treatment. The above information is only meant to show the diagnostic possibilities available through the use of Darkfield Microscopy and not to be exclusive of other approaches used in my practice. - Dr. Beilin


Cancer, Radiation and Life Trauma

Radiation, Cancer, and Emotional Trauma

FUKUSHIMA UPDATE:  Geiger Readings taken from several locations in California show a 25% increase in average counts per minute in the past 2 months.  My Geiger readings (see www.fortifyhealth.com) show from July/August of 35 CPM to 45 CPM, correlated with several sites throughout California.  It’s important to keep your antioxidants, iodine and miso in your strategy plan!  I have stopped eating fish from the North Pacific. Japanese foods are out of the question.

Cancer is Connected to Nervous System Function
Many studies have established the vulnerability of the regulation of the nervous system based on past emotional and physical trauma. A decrease in our nervous system’s ability to control the health of our organs may lead to an increase in internal toxic chemicals that trigger cancers. Since nervous system function is directly related to trauma, cancer and trauma are often intricately linked. Radiation can also affect nervous system function by destroying brain cells.
A simple chart of the mechanisms involved is…

CancerCauseIs it possible to change any of these factors?

1.    Genetic Predisposition? Radiation alters our genes and gene expressions. That is why protection is so important. Currently available technologies cannot reverse altered genes. In addition we all have predisposing information in our cells. 
2.    The Tumor itself?  We can use many substances that can reduce or even kill tumor cells. We can use vaccines, chemotherapy, hormone inhibitors, radiation (as if we need more), and plant substances.  But, in reality, the true way to health is to reduce the body’s vulnerability to a state it was in before the cancer was able to form.
3. A) The Emotional or Physical Trauma that disordered the nervous system? Yes, the nervous system can be rebalanced        through holistic healing techniques.
   B) Diet, thinking habits? Yes! Nutraceuticals quickly alter body chemistry and aid liver, intestinal and kidney function, as well  as changing the pH of the tissues. Use of antioxidants such as Turmeric and Resveratrol to restrain the system from metastasis or threat of spread and recurrence is also highly recommended. Negative thought patterns can be unlearned.

In short, see a specialized natural practitioner that utilizes scientific adjunct-diagnostic equipment such as those that can analyze the nervous system, coordinate the blood and laboratory findings, and work with and around the oncologist while working as a team with the patient.

The Connection between Cancer and Trauma 
It is very common for those with cancer to have a long-standing tendency to suppress "toxic emotions", particularly anger, resentment, and grief. Overwhelming experiences that cannot be integrated, such as difficult childhood experiences, invasive surgeries, illness, loss, fear inducing states, etc can also play an important role. These suppressed experiences and emotions can be stored in the organs and tissues, affecting their function, pH levels, and systemic shutdown, eventually contributing to the formation of cancer.

Somatic Experiencing® is a body-awareness approach to trauma being taught throughout the world. It is the result of over forty years of observation, research, and hands-on development by Dr. Peter Levine, a neurophysiologist. Based upon the realization that human beings have an innate ability to overcome the effects of trauma, Somatic Experiencing has touched the lives of many thousands.

Detecting Cancer at Early Stages - Newest Technologies
Is there a technology that may detect signs of possible cancer, is inexpensive and safe? Yes, heart rate variability analysis(HRV) and Regulation Thermography (RT). 

Role of Regulation Thermography (RT) in Early Stage Cancer Detection
RT testing has been known to detect tumors up to 4 years in advance (as then confirmed by tissue biopsy). It serves as a strong marker of the autonomic health and estimates the possibility of developing cancer when the autonomic function is chronically low. And as you saw from the chart, one-half of the cause for cancer is the vulnerability of the body to attacks by radiation, chemicals, or emotional patterns.

Using Latest Tools to Reveal Cancer at Early Stages
Here at our clinic, I integrate my 4 years at UC Davis (Neurology Research) and 3 years at UCLA (Gastroenterology Research) as a background for remaining scientific in the help we offer.  By combining normal laboratory tests, Regulation Thermography, Chinese Medicine, German Biological Medicine and coordination with the oncologists and other practitioners, we offer a practical addition to many strategies and plans for health.

Daniel Beilin is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and has practiced in Aptos for over 25 years.  He has testified before US Congress on Early Detection of Cancers, and has taught his methods in over 8 countries.  He has offices in Aptos, Berkeley, Los Angeles and Boston.
Sarah Theismann, the new addition in our clinic, is a Somatic Therapist.  Growing up in Germany in a family of medical doctors and therapists, Sarah has now entered her Ph.D. program in birth trauma and somatic psychology.  She is trained in Somatic Experiencing, Birth Trauma Therapy, Yoga, and other holistic healing practices. The sessions are affordable and effective, and blend well with her background in nutritional counseling and holistic health. She sees clients in Aptos and Berkeley


Get Radiation Out of Your Water

Clearing Radioactive Particles from Water

With 4+ reactor meltdowns in Japan, the first one occurring within 5 hours of the Tsunami (covered up, of course), and now it comes out that Plutonium was spilled (exploded) over a decent amount of surface area local to the Fukushima plant, we begin to be concerned with our water supply, as increasing amounts of radioactive Cesium 137 are appearing in our food supplies.  Here I write a simple question and answer session on the topic of drinking and household water.

1. What is the safest water for me and my family?

If you drink bottled water, there are two requirements for optimum health.  Do not use bottles of plastic, and DO use glass bottles.  One of the best brands is Mountain Valley.

For everyday, saving money, and ease of use, Reverse osmosis is a great start. Then …. Read on….

All experts recommend an under-the sink model by OxygenOzone Inc. out of Los Angeles (oxygenozone.com).  A basic water filtration of course you need to use a minimum 5-micron carbon block for the shower or countertop filter, - and if there is a fair amount of dirt or solids in the water, then one needs to use a 5-micron sediment filter before the carbon to protect the carbon block. This can be used for washing the body, brushing teeth or in the kitchen for cleaning fruits and vegetables. Ideally one should install a filter (2-stage sediment carbon or back-flush carbon tank) on the water coming into the house so both hot and cold water through the house is filtered.

IF you are looking for the cleanest high-quality water throughout the house then a whole-house REVERSE OSMOSIS (RO) system is used but this is expensive up front for the cost of equipment plus intallation, and you then use DOUBLE the water in the house as one gallon produced to one gallon down the drain to create the ultra-pure water.

Now the good stuff.

AND... DONT FORGET to take Tri-Salts, a non-sodium BICARBONATE powder to pick up heavy metals (radioactive elements) AND Alkalize your body... get TRI-Salts HERE... then...

call our Natural Pharmacy:  (831) 685-1125

For DRINKING water, I advise ultra-purifying the water with a system that uses carbon, RO and DEIONIZATION resin filter to create the ultra-pure water. This removes radioactive particles (Cesium-137 and Iodine-131 to name the most prevalent ones to start) up to 95% or more.  This removes all possible carcinogens (cancer-causing elements) known at this time. The best system I have found not only creates Ultra-Pure water with deionization, but adds back minerals from coral calcium to create a perfect pure water that is biologically compatible due to its equal osmolarity with the fluids inside the body, therefore preventing leaching of minerals such as Selenium from the body, an essential cancer-preventive trace mineral.  Cancer patients are low in selenium, since it is a catalyst to the enzyme pathways that help bring a detoxification of free-radicals and aid to the immune system.

OxygenOzone uses a Reverse Osmosis has been used for decades, -if you want the ‘state of the art’ complete under-the-sink system with the additions of Ultraviolet to kill bacteria and virus, and then, the Coral-Calcium trace-mineral filter that actually adds back the essential minerals into the water to create water that is balanced to your body.  Warning: Reverse Osmosis contains nearly NO minerals anymore, so when you drink it, it can act as a vacuum and pull essential minerals OUT of your body. I recommend a trace-mineral complex, 2 per day, you can find this at the health food store or at our clinic (Aptos), and contains vital minerals such as Selenium, Zinc, Manganese, Strontium and more.

2). Can we take showers safely in the regular tap water?

Showers have an added danger that the hot water includes a small discharge of vapor, then can be inhaled, going straight into the lungs and circulatory system.  Gases such as Chlorine from chlorinated water are the worst, and radiation-containing water is not really contained yet in high amounts, if at all, in a shower’s vapor.  So, for right now and probably in California for as long as we do not have a local incident, showers are ok, but this situation is changing rapidly as more reactors in Fukushima melt down.  BUT purchase a 5-micron filter for your shower immediately.

3). How should we wash our hands?

With the water from the under-the sink RO Deionization combination.

4). What about brushing our teeth; shampooing hair, washing off your contact lenses, etc.??

With the under-the sink RO Deionization combination (the best, otherwise the carbon filter will help much as long as you do not ingest the water, AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you follow the exposure with our clinic-available TRI-Salts, a NON SODIUM Bicarbonate powder mixed in the RO-DI water and swallowed in ½ glass of water before bed. This grabs radioactive elements and takes them out of the body (and does not let them stay).

5). How about bathing babies?

Best of course is the RO-DI and then heat the water, - as infants AND pregnant women are much more susceptible to radiation damage than anyone else.

6). What water should I use to cook pasta for my family and other food?


7). Can I open the windows in my home? How long can I have them open?

Air is not the problem at this point. Check www.fortifyhealth.com (our website) for every-day monitoring of AIR quality/Geiger readings. If the Counts per Minute are above 60, then precautions need to occur. Nevertheless, EVERYONE needs to take Antioxidant Pills EVERY DAY.  I recommend the ones we carry in our clinic, by Designs for Health, or New Chapter Antioxidant blend. Dose:  2-3 twice a day.

8). Swimming in outdoor pools?

Besides inhalation of chlorine gas being somewhat carcinogenic, after swimming the best is to take a towel and wipe the skin at home using the purified water.

9). Watering my plants?

This remains a problem.  Spinach, Kale, Arugula, - greens are susceptible to radiation.  Our water, at least most of it unless you are downstream from streams is fairly safe.  How safe, results are not out yet.

10). Soaking beans and other foods that need to be soaked in water?

This should be done in RO-DI.

Dr. Daniel Beilin has practiced complementary medicine for 26 years, and has a neurophysiology, gastroenterology as well as herbal pharmacology background.  He is internationally recognized for his contributions to early detection of breast and other cancers, as well as being a member of the International Medical Academy of Thermography. He is the founder of a new company that has created a new breast and body thermography device, and holds patents in the U.S. and abroad.

Dr. Daniel Beilin’s practice and non-drug pharmacy is in Aptos and Albany, California, as well as Boston.  He can be reached by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If you would like a consultation he is offering 20% off the first consult with all tests for the months of June and July.


Radiation Protection for Children and Pregnancy

The Natural Plan is the Most Likely the Only Way.

Radiation protection means to assist, nourish and replenish supplies of cellular substances that help prevent the long term or acute damage.  Here is a list of nutrients that are non-toxic at the dosages given, are easy to administer and should be given to every pregnant mother in the Northern Hemisphere as well as infant and child:

1.    Antioxidant nutrients.  This includes turmeric, Vitamin E, Selenium, Rosemary, N-Aceytl-Cysteine (NAC) (our store).  Foods that contain these products are Indian food (turmeric),  acai berries, pomegranates, blueberries, blackberries, beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, for example. A favorite is the Sambazon Rio Acai smoothie popsicle.  Dosages for the above for children are turmeric 250mg/day, Vitamin E 400 IU/day, Selenium 100-200 mcg/day, Rosemary (see if it is in blends, and add to the green drink), NAC 200 mg/day.
2.    Flavonoids such as Acerola, Amla (vitamin C), - and quercetin.  These are found in the health food store.  We currently use appox. 500 mg. once a day for children in our clinic.
3.    Catechins, as in green tea.  These can be found in various powders at the health food store, contained in many greens drinks.  Warning: some green drinks may contain Lead, as our clinic has received analysis of several products and found the ones that are pure, feel free to email us if you have a need for more information.  Use a good greens powder with this ingredient. We currently use ½ serving for children, once a day. 
4.    Carotenoids, as in Vitamin A, this is helpful to protect skin, digestive and lung cells.  Childs dose: 25,000 per day.  This is not toxic.
5.    Melatonin, used for jet-lag, also has a radioprotective effect according to several good university studies.  Childrens dose: 2-3 mg/day (before bed)
6.    Genestein: although there are some studies showing its radio-protective value, it may be unnecessary for children below the age of 12 since the estrogens metabolism is still premature, bad estrogens are minimal.
7.    Iodine:  Sea Vegetables or seaweeds such as Kelp contain Iodine, and can be used in miso soup, which also in itself was discovered to prevent some cancers in Japan after Hiroshima.  This is the perfect kids combo for nearly every-day protection.  I would go out of my way, however, to make sure the seaweeds are originating from the East coast or elsewhere than Japan, a feat not so easy to accomplish.
8.    Potassium Iodide, in case of a strong release from a nuclear meltdown, can be used as follows:
(Dosages are as follows for 2 weeks only):

Babies birth to 1 month:  16 mg/day
1-3 years:  32 mg/day
3-18 years, under 150 lb: 65 mg/day, over 150 lb: 130 mg/day
Adults: 130 mg/day
Pregnant women should consult their doctors, but the advice of the author is to take a 16 mg dose twice a day, along with high doses of seaweeds such as Arame, which is higher than Kelp in its Iodine content.

And parents:  NO CELL PHONES FOR CHILDREN (goes without saying).


Protection for Children

Radiation Protection: Your Child and Your Pregnancy...

As multiple nuclear reactors in Fukushima exhaust their particles into the ocean and atmosphere, certain species and categories of life prove their greater or lesser cellular vulnerability. If you want quick solutions, go here.

Radiation affects cells that are in vulnerable phases of their life cycles.  The most vulnerable times of life are in the pre and peri-natal stages,  and therefore women who are pregnant.  It is CRUCIAL that we understand that everything that happens to a pregnant mother, whether it be radiation exposure, drugs prescription or otherwise, alcohol, emotional trauma…  are felt and IMPRINTED into the fetus.  The child’s physical and emotional health will then be influenced by those factors.  It’s a miracle we all aren’t sick or insane.  On the other hand, we have one crazy planet on our hands. If you or someone you know has been affected by birth trauma, we have a miracle-worker therapist that comes to our clinic.  (call us).

The remaining population with great vulnerability is those that are already compromised by weakened immune systems such as in HIV, post-chemotherapy patients and some auto-immune disorders.  This article summarizes the reasons why pregnant women and infants through pubescent individuals are more likely to be affected by radiation, and what can be done to optimize their own protective mechanisms besides adding challenges to their immune systems such as dietary toxins (artificial sweeteners, sugar, processed meats, toxic fats).

Children grow rapidly. There are more cells dividing and a greater opportunity for radiation to disrupt the growth process than in adults.  Fetuses are even more highly sensitive to radiation. The resulting effects depend upon which systems are developing at the time of exposure.

Radiation causes several destructive processes to occur at the cellular and organ-functional levels:

1)    Rupturing of the cell membrane, allowing for fluids that should be kept outside the cell to come inside as ions and nutrients from the cell are lost.
2)    Disruption to the mitochondria, this interrupts the cells food supply (ATP). If the cell has a large reserve of ATP it can repair the damage and continue to produce ATP. The cell will eventually die from starvation if the dose of radiation is great enough or the cell is vulnerable enough.
3)    Lysosomal destruction. A lysosome is a cellular component that is damaged with only 500 rads, and by this disruption, enzymes are released within the cell and then start digesting structures within the cell itself.  In the case of large doses of radiation, even digestive enzymes secreted by the pancreas and stomach are rendered inactive.
4)    Nucleus Impairment. Perhaps the most sensitive part of the cell to radiation is the nucleus.  There is a wide band of sensitivity for cell nuclei, quantifying a dose range is difficult. The major effect of radiation here is the inhibition of DNA replication.  This means the cell is unable to prepare for division.  Before a cell divides it produces a complete set of chromosomes which carry all the information needed to reproduce the organism.  With damaged DNA, duplicate chromosomes cannot be manufactured.  If this process is delayed long enough, the cell dies and the death can be compared to death in childbirth.
5)    In pregnancy, radiation damage to mitotic processes.  This involves the replacement of stem cells with somatic cells that form our organs.

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Dr. Dan Beilin, with over 25 years clinical experience and teacher to over 750 physicians and healers worldwide, offers safe solutions to help reverse:

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